Someone who is driven and strives to achieve their goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out.


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    Dana L. Ward, MSW, LCSW

           Certified Life Coach 

You can't change what you refuse to confront!

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Glow Up's aren't always physical,

sometimes it's the mind that needs growth ....

About Glow Up Therapeutic Services

Glow Up Therapeutic Services offers life coaching to women who are struggling with the emotional and mental distress caused by toxic relationships to heal for the purpose of attracting the love they deserve while manifesting the life they desire.

So, let's be real....Toxic relationships are damaging! They create mental and emotional havoc that spills into other areas of your life such as career, family and friendships. People often think that leaving the realationship is the hardest part and that once you do so your life will magically become better. Well, I'm sorry sis but they lied to you. Yes, leaving is hard as fuc*! And those of  us who have been lucky enough to do so, I applaud you because that takes an insurmountable amount of courage and strength! However, now the REAL work begins!

Toxic relationships always involve some form of manipulation (among many other things). The purpose of manipulation is to condition and control. Through manipulation tactics, the toxic person will have you believing that you are unworthy, crazy, needy and flawed in the most unforgivable ways possible. Why??? Because this is how they control you. They want to keep you muted and to stunt your growth. The truth is the majority of toxic people are intimidated and jealous of who you are as an individual, the way others love you, your achivements, your dreams, etc. You are a constant reminder of everything they want but can't have. So they set out to destroy you. They spend their time building you up just to knock you down. And over time your mental and emotional well being begins to deteriorate. And unfortunately just leaving the relationship isn't enough to make you whole again.


In order to be the best version of yourself, to minimize the chance of engaging in toxic relationships in the future and to manifest the life you have to HEAL so that you can GROW sis! This means doing the inner work that is necessary to address and fix that version of yourself that accepted the constant mistreatment, lack of respect and bare minimal effort of another. This is the GLOW UP!


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Self Respect



Self Love



Grow so much that toxic people in your life fall back because they no longer know how to approach you.

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