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    Meet Dana 

                   Owner and Founder 




Heyyyy Sis!!!


My name is Dana and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Life Coach but before I was any of those things, I a was woman who was lost and broken after dealing with the many trails and tribulations that life had thrown my way. And chileee let me tell you, I have been through a lot!!  Self esteem issues, Anxiety and Depression are just a few of the issues I have overcome but my greatest victory by far was ending a 16 year toxic relationship that was filled with narcissistic behavior and covert abuse. It was the end of that relationship that started my journey of healing, self discovery, internal work and transformation all of which are what a true Glow Up is all about! 


I was forced to take an honest look at my life and the people in it and make the hard but necessary changes that were needed for my growth and happiness. This meant that I had to end some "friendships", and that I had to create and maintain healthy boundaries for the people in my life, that I ABSOLUTELY had to get rid of self defeating thoughts and replace them with messages of love and compassion instead. It also meant that I had to hold myself accountable for making the changes that were needed. And the biggest task of them all chile was learning to forgive myself for all that I had allowed to take place in my life thus far.


All of these changes required that I become a new and improved version of myself. I had to change my mindset and do the internal work that was necessary to achieve the things I desired out of life. It was through this process of internal work that I experienced my Glow Up. And since experiencing my own, I've been determined to help other women achieve their Glow Up.


Now sis, I am not going to lie to you and tell that this journey of healing, self discovery, internal work and transformation is going to be easy but I promise you, without a doubt, that it will be worth it! 

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